Blog Policy

First of all, thank you for visiting and for interest in my work!

This is a blog edited and administrated by me. The reviews you will read here are written by me, as well as the pictures are taken and edited by myself. If you are interested in having your designs blogged here, please contact me in world or by email:

This is a Fashion Blog, which means on each post you will find pictures, reviews and credits. Every post will have that format, and my goals are to showcase the designs in their best, with high quailty pictures and honest reviews.

Once you start working with me, I will not ask you to send me clothes, so feel free to send them to me whenever you wish. When you send them, please include a picture of the clothes (may be the same used on the store vendor) to be used as reference.

This is not my main work, and my RL and SL get busy sometimes, so please do not be upset if I do not blog everything you send me. I will blog everything I can, and I reserve the right to post only what fits my personal style. Thank you for understanding.

If you would like your logo/ursl to appear in my blog, please contact me in world or by email.

Thank you so much!


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