My Precious ~ Hebe

Hello Fashionistas!

Here I am starting to explore my closet, and of course, the most gorgeous brands in SL! 2012 is here and I will start this wonderful year with an outfit that exposes a great fashion concept: Hebe, one of the newest releases by My Precious, by Agnes Finney!

Feathers, feathers, feathers… If there is one thing I LOVE in fashion are feathers. Seriously, they make my eyes shine in happiness LOL! When I put Hebe on, you can only imagine my reaction! This dress is just flawless. The skirt and collar are all adorned with feathers, and they are so realistic that I really felt like a swan!

What I loved about Hebe is the union of the fierceness of the feathers with the delicacy of ballet. The result is simply magnificent! It is strong and feminine at the same time, perfect for you to come up with unique styles.

 Hebe is available in Black, which I showcased above, and also in White and Purple, and they are both breathtaking as well! Run to My Precious Mainstore and grab yours!

Style Card

Hair: Vanity Hair

Swan Make-up: Chelle

Shoes: S-Link

Earrings: Finesmith


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